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What is actionable medical malpractice?

Patients in Kentucky expect competent care from their medical professionals. If you are in a situation where that hasn’t happened, and you’ve received sub-standard care, you may sue for medical malpractice. Also known as medical negligence, it describes a diagnosis or treatment that increases the severity of an existing injury or causes a new one.

Why are recalls issued for drugs you may be taking?

Recently, your doctor prescribed a new medication for you to try to help treat a preexisting condition you have suffered for quite some time. Now, you have found out that the exact drug he prescribed is under mandatory recall in the state of Kentucky. Understanding why drugs are recalled may enable you to be better aware of the side affects you should be looking for if you begin to suffer unexplained symptoms. 

What is unnecessary surgery, and why is it still happening?

Your Kentucky health care provider has reviewed all your symptoms and given you a diagnosis. Now, he is suggesting that your best treatment option is a surgical procedure. While you are somewhat anxious about scheduling it, he has assured you that, weighed against your other treatment options, this is the course of action most likely to restore your health. But is it?

What can you do to lower your risk of a medical error?

You haven't been feeling well, so you schedule an appointment with your Kentucky health care provider to see if he or she can pinpoint the problem and get you back on the road to health. Before you go to that appointment, though, you should know that CNBC reports numerous studies indicate there are more than 200,000 fatal medical errors every year. How is it that mistakes take such a heavy toll on human life?

When pediatricians may be liable for malpractice

Finding a pediatrician that parents in Kentucky like and trust may seem challenging, particularly since they are trusting this medical professional with their children's lives. There are numerous mistakes a physician can make that compromise someone's health and well-being, and when the patient is a child, his or her whole future may be in jeopardy.

Preventing MRSA with soap and water

Checking into a Kentucky hospital, most people are probably aware that hospital-acquired infections are a risk. According to WebMD, staph bacteria may be carried by people who do not currently have an infection, and can be transmitted through contact. Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, in particular, is easily spread.

Surgical sponges should never be left behind

When you are going in for a surgery at a Kentucky hospital, you may primarily be focused on whether or not the procedure will be successful. However, there are frequent cases where the surgeon completes the operation as planned, but someone else on the team makes a critical error. We at the law firm of Debra L. Broz, Attorneys at Law, PLC, understand that the statistics regarding retained surgical sponges indicate this mistake could put your health at risk.

Hospital falls can spark medical malpractice claims

When you are admitted into the hospital, chances are you have a lot on your mind already. You can be scared about your prognosis, worried about the expenses of your care and concerned about your loved ones and how they are handling the situation.

Unlicensed doctor in 'toxic tush' case sentenced to prison

Medical malpractice claims are often highly technical and complex. They can require an exceptionally detailed review of medical procedures and decisions, not to mention a thorough understanding of malpractice laws in the state of Kentucky. With this knowledge and exhaustive investigation, it can be possible to identify instances of negligence and/or carelessness.

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