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Accidents with uninsured drivers can leave you with major losses

Getting into a motor vehicle collision or crash can have a dramatic impact on your life. In addition to the potential damages to your vehicle and derailing of your schedule, you could suffer serious injuries that leave you with medical bills. In some cases, you could end up so badly hurt that you may not be able to return to work for some time.

These car insurance claim mistakes don’t have to impact you

Many people who are part of a motor vehicle accident immediately turn to their insurance company. While there is no denying the fact that you need to report the crash, here's something to remember: Your agent is not necessarily looking out for what's in your best interest.

Did you suffer a mild brain injury in a car accident?

Car accidents often cause more serious damage than we may immediately realize, especially if a person suffers a blow to the head in the course of the accident itself. In some cases, victims may not even realize they suffered the injury, or may not remember striking their head at all.

Kentucky insurance rules and how they affect you after a crash

Many people look at car insurance as an expensive obligation, when, in fact, it helps protect them. While insurance can't stop an accident from happening, it can minimize the impact a crash has on your life, if you have the right coverage. Liability insurance offsets the financial risk associated with driving.

Do you need legal help after a commercial truck accident?

After you suffer an accident with a large commercial truck, it can prove intimidating to know where to turn for help. Depending on the nature of the accident itself, and the injuries or damages you received, a number of different parties may hold liability of the accident.

Crashed? Here's what you should remember about settlements

You drive for a living every day. You work in sales, so getting to your entire service area in a day can be difficult, but it is obtainable. You have to stay on time, so when the vehicle next to you pushed into your lane and caused you to wreck, all you could think about was how much work you weren't getting done.

I was hit by a drunk driver. What should I do?

It's not always easy to know what to do after a car accident, and can get even more complicated if you get hit by a drunk driver. If you suffered an injury in the accident, it can feel even more complex. These are normal reactions to a traumatic event, and you are certainly not alone if you have this experience.

Understanding your options if you're hurt while driving for work

More professionals than ever before have to travel for work. Some people choose to take a second job driving for Lyft or Uber. There are also more delivery vehicles on the road now, thanks to an increase in online shopping and therefore shipped purchases. From grocery delivery services to electricians, countless Americans are driving as part of their daily work. This is true here in Kentucky, too.

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