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JUUL Lawsuit

JUUL Nicotine Addiction Lawsuits

Juul Labs face lawsuits that allege they did not sufficiently alert users about the dangers associated with their e-cigarette and vapor pods. JUUL advertised their product as a safer option to cigarettes while still offering nicotine, a highly addictive stimulant drug. JUUL e-cigarettes even contained higher amounts of nicotine than competitors.

Nicotine is a dangerous drug for people of all ages, and studies have shown it is particularly harmful to children and teenagers. Furthermore, children and teens are more likely to get addicted to nicotine. Along with making little effort to warn users of the risks associated with nicotine, JUUL might have advertised their products directly to children and teens.

Considering cigarette use among children and teenagers has rapidly declined over the past 20 years, JUUL was not presented to them as an alternative to smoking cigarettes. JUUL was considered a “cool” new thing to do among younger people. Between a wide variety of flavor cartridges such as mango and cool mint and the ability to recharge the JUUL e-cigarettes via USB, JUUL became highly appealing to minors.

Irreparable Behavior from E-Cigarette Companies

With a recent valuation of over $38 billion, JUUL is one of the most widely recognized e-cigarette providers globally. JUUL has received significant rounds of financing, including investments from big tobacco.

But there is evidence that JUUL’s success is attributed to its wide use among youth, including teenagers and children. During its startup and rapid growth stages as a business, significant attention was paid to positioning the product as a hip brand, hiring young models to appeal to younger customers. Allegedly the company even intentionally marketed JUUL to children and teens, going so far as presenting JUUL in mental health and anti-addiction school seminars.

This type of behavior continued until state and federal governments started investigations and threatened Juul Labs with fines and legislation. By law, JUUL has only recently put nicotine warnings on its products. Regardless, millions of consumers, including minors, have already used JUUL’s e-cigarettes without knowing the dangers of vaping and nicotine addiction.

We will Fight JUUL On Your Behalf

Even with Juul Lab’s recent compliance, they have already caused irreparable damage. If you used JUUL products as a minor or have a child who used this product before they turned 18 and developed a nicotine addiction, their is a risk of health damage in the future. Please consult with Debra Broz, Attorneys at Law, PLC, to see if you have a case against JUUL. We’ll fight for you.

Damages Besides Nicotine Addiction

JUULs has had some instances where the e-cigarettes have caught fire or exploded, causing injury and property damage. Additionally, there is a link between persistent e-cigarette use and cancer and lung illnesses. If you have suffered an injury or illness due to JUUL or other e-cigarettes, please consult with our team.