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Asking for a second medical opinion

People who live in Kentucky and experience unusual medical symptoms logically may seek the input or advice of a physician. That act, however, may not always produce an outcome that leaves a person feeling comfortable.

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Can drug ads be false or misleading?

When you and your fellow Kentucky residents watch a prescription drug advertisement on television, you should be able to trust that what you see and hear about the drug is accurate. But in the event

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Understanding your Kentucky car accident claim

Kentucky is a no-fault state when it comes to car accidents. This means that your car insurance provider will be responsible for paying for the damages relating to your vehicle and your medical expenses, no

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Tackling the issue of trucker fatigue

Residents in Kentucky who have ever heard or seen stories about accidents involving semi-trucks or other large commercial vehicles have good reason to be concerned about these events. Very often, commercial drivers work long hours

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Can road rage turn deadly?

As a Kentucky motorist, you may be familiar with sharing the road alongside aggressive drivers. In fact, you may have engaged in aggressive driving behaviors at some point in your life as well. According research

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