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Why are people still texting and driving?

While driving on Kentucky roadways, you may all too often see other drivers operating their vehicle with a mobile device in their hands. Whether they are using them to read or write a text, look

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A shortage of truckers can impact public safety

People might have heard news about the shortage of truckers that is happening in this country. It really isn’t something new, and it doesn’t appear that it is going to be rectified in the near

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Why is it more dangerous to drive at night?

When the sun sets in Kentucky, the roadways are still filled with people traveling to and from work, or going out for a night of fun. While you may be used to driving at night,

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How to increase teen driving safety

Teenagers in Ohio are like teenagers everywhere. They are very excited to get their driver’s license but think mainly about the places it can take them and the independence it will bring. However, it is

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The consequences of distracted drivers

Drivers on Kentucky roadways want to get where they are going safely. Unfortunately, many times they look into other vehicles and see fellow drivers engaging in distracted behaviors. These include a range of actions not

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