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After a truck accident, know the evidence to gather

Truck accidents are always a possibility for most people who drive regularly, especially those of us who spend significant time sharing the road with large trucks. All traffic accidents are dangerous and may cause property

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Mix-up at hospital leaves veteran with no medical attention

People rely on their health care providers in Kentucky to take adequate time to diagnose their condition, make recommendations that take into account their medical history and provide medical attention in a compassionate and reliable

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How do SSI and SSDI benefits differ?

As a Kentucky resident with a serious, long-term disability, you may be working through your options and attempting to figure out whether you may be able to get financial assistance through the U.S. Social Security

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Red light traffic deaths reach a 10-year high

Traffic lights seek to help control traffic patterns and prevent residents of Kentucky and the United States from colliding with one another, but they only work as planned when motorists pay attention and use them

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Study highlights causes of surgical errors

People who live in Kentucky and who may be in need of undergoing a surgical procedure might feel a bit nervous or concerned about the prospect of a problem occurring during their operation. These concerns

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How motorcyclists can maximize their safety on the road

With rolling farmlands and roads that wind around beautiful mountains, Kentucky is a motorcycle rider’s paradise. Cyclists love the open feeling and bucolic scenery throughout the state and often enjoy riding together in a group.

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