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Why can bedrails be dangerous?

If a loved one is in a nursing home or other long-term facility, you’re likely relieved to see that there are bed rails on their bed. These rails, which are typically made out of metal,

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Car accidents often cause hidden brain injuries

Almost all car accidents involve a sudden impact that can seriously injure accident victims. Even with the modern safety features in many vehicles, a sudden impact is not something that the human body is built

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Can you sue for a hospital-acquired infection?

If you went into the hospital or other medical facility for a minor procedure and ended up with a serious infection or a loved one died from an infection they acquired while they were hospitalized,

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How to make it safely through a road work zone

Does it seem like you come upon road work zones when you’re already running late? Does it feel like there’s always some sort of road work being done on your most commonly traveled routes? Certainly,

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Who pays for losses after a car accident?

There are many costs associated with a typical car crash in Kentucky. You might have to repair your vehicle, handle medical bills or deal with the results of pain and suffering. All of that has

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