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A cracked windshield can reduce safety

Drivers have an obligation to maintain their car in a roadworthy state. One of the faults you see on some vehicles is a cracked windshield. They usually happen when a stone is thrown up from

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How can you benefit from Chapter 7 bankruptcy?

For many people, there’s nothing more challenging than managing their finances. If you know how this feels, you also know that there are times when you’re lost and looking for answers. There may come a

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Chapter 7 bankruptcy vs. Chapter 13 bankruptcy

If you’re considering bankruptcy, you may have already discovered that the two main types people use are known as Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. These are very different; you may be eligible for one and

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It’s simply physics: Larger cars are safer

Let’s start by saying that any car accident is dangerous, in any car. It doesn’t matter what size it is, how many stars it got in the safety ratings, or anything else. A car accident

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What is the “big picture” in a car or truck accident?

Car accidents, especially ones involving commercial vehicles, happen fast. The resulting injuries can be painful and long-lasting. Those first moments after an accident might define everything that comes after. Now, obviously, if anyone needs medical

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