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Bedsores could be a sign of nursing home neglect

When people decide the time has come to move to a long-term care facility in Kentucky, it is often because mobility issues have made living alone impossible. Being confined to a wheelchair or bed can

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How overconfidence can lead to crashes

Take a minute and remember back to when you were a teenager and just starting to drive. Chances are you were excited and maybe even a little scared whenever you got behind the wheel. You

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Dangerous cargo can make truck crashes even worse

We see commercial trucks on the road nearly every day. And whether we can see the cargo they haul or not, we know that these trucks typically carry heavy, dangerous materials over thousands of miles.

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Bullying in nursing homes: emotional abuse

Anyone in Kentucky could feel that another person is being a bully, purposefully acting aggressively or in a threatening way. Nursing home residents may be particularly at risk, though. HelpGuide.org points out that physical and

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Study: Marijuana use linked to higher car crash rates

Every driver in Kentucky should understand that driving while intoxicated by alcohol is dangerous and illegal. However, substances beyond alcohol can be just as impairing, if not more so, for a person operating a motor

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