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Surgical sponges should never be left behind

When you are going in for a surgery at a Kentucky hospital, you may primarily be focused on whether or not the procedure will be successful. However, there are frequent cases where the surgeon completes

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Can car crash victims develop PTSD?

You are probably familiar with all sorts of different hardships that people have to endure after a motor vehicle crash, from debilitating injuries to fatalities. However, it is important to keep in mind that some

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How do rollovers take place?

There are many dangers to watch out for as a driver, from inclement weather to reckless people on the road who may be drunk or failing to observe the speed limit. However, rollovers are another

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Influenza and the risk of an accident

People cause accidents on roads across the country for an array of reasons. Sometimes, these accidents were entirely preventable and only occurred because of a poor decision to drive drunk or exceed the speed limit.

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A look at the different types of elder abuse

Each year, many Kentucky families entrust the care of their elderly loved ones to professionals in nursing home facilities. Often, these establishments are capable of providing enhanced care, physical assistance and environmental stability for its

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What consequences come with distracted driving?

Often, people recognize the serious dangers associated with driving under the influence or reaching excessive speeds. Sadly, some people fail to realize that a seemingly minor distraction, such as a driver reaching for something on

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Collaborative Divorce

I recently attended a two day training through The Institute for Family Conflict Resolution on a new area of law called Collaborative Divorce. Yes, I said Collaborative Divorce. No, those words are not an oxymoron.

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