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When your child is hurt in a bike accident

Parents have a myriad of challenging issues to work through with children, from concerns about their performance in the classroom to their child having problems with friends. However, an accident can be particularly upsetting for

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How can you help a wounded veteran?

If you have a family member or friend who has served in the military, you may have been faced with the sometimes-debilitating fear that he or she will be hurt while serving abroad. You may even

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Piecing your life together after a scooter accident

There are many different types of vehicles that are involved in traffic collisions, such as semi trucks, small cars, and vans. However, those who ride scooters and other types of motorcycles face an especially high

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Does coffee improve driving abilities?

Sometimes, drivers become tired because they didn’t get enough sleep the previous night or had to work overtime. Moreover, many drivers simply feel tired in the morning, even if they had a sufficient amount of

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How many fatal crashes involve prescription drugs?

Often, when people think about intoxicated driving they focus on the consumption of alcohol. While drunk driving is a major problem, there are other ways that drivers can become intoxicated and lose their ability to

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Taking a stand against drowsy driving

In recent years, different awareness campaigns have helped lower the prevalence of drunk driving. While it is important for drivers to understand the problems associated with driving under the influence, there are far more dangerous

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What are my options for appealing an SSD denial?

Your injury has kept you from returning to your Kentucky workplace, so it seemed as if applying for Social Security disability benefits was the right thing to do. However, now you have received a denial.

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