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Types of distracted driving and how to remain safe

Distracted driving remains a major problem throughout the country, due, in large part, to the use of technology by drivers. It’s important to understand two things: There is more than one type of distracted driving

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Headphones and distracted driving

Drivers may become distracted while operating a vehicle in numerous ways, whether they are holding a conversation with one of their passengers and divert their attention from the road or they try to change the

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When pediatricians may be liable for malpractice

Finding a pediatrician that parents in Kentucky like and trust may seem challenging, particularly since they are trusting this medical professional with their children’s lives. There are numerous mistakes a physician can make that compromise

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How widespread is driver fatigue?

There are a number of potential problems that can cause a driver to become dangerous on the road. For example, intoxication and disregard for speed limits can lead to a fatal collision. However, other risks

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