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When cars crash into buildings

Often, when people think about car accidents, they picture vehicles colliding on the road. However, it is important to keep in mind that there are many different types of accidents and less common situations that

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What are some primary causes of trucking accidents?

Kentucky truckers share the road with plenty of non-commercial vehicles every day. This can understandably make some nervous, as trucks – especially commercial vehicles like 18-wheelers – can dwarf almost every other car on the

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Texting while driving puts everyone at risk

It is a problem that many people in Kentucky openly acknowledge is a tremendously widespread issue. It is also a behavior that many people admit to participating in despite its potentially dangerous consequences. The controversial

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Kentucky car seat recommendations

According to Kentucky State Police, motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of death for children ages four to 14. A major contributing factor is failure for parents to use proper safety restraints and/or to

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Can employers encourage safety in their fleet?

If you are part of a fleet of drivers that work for your employer in Kentucky, chances are your superiors have implemented some protocols designed to encourage you and your cohorts to be safe on

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Understanding the claims process after a crash

After you’re involved in a car crash, you’ll need to start an insurance claim. This claim is the way that you obtain financial support following a collision. Since you’re hurt by another driver, you’ll be

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What should you do if a drug recall affects you?

When your health care provider in Kentucky prescribes a medication to you for help treating your symptoms, chances are you rely on the drug to produce desirable results. While you are subject to standard side

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