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How widespread is driver fatigue?

There are a number of potential problems that can cause a driver to become dangerous on the road. For example, intoxication and disregard for speed limits can lead to a fatal collision. However, other risks which may not be as obvious, such as distraction and fatigue, are also very problematic. Drivers may become fatigued for different reasons, whether they take prescription medication which makes them tired, they work excessively long hours, they do not get enough sleep at night, or they suffer from a sleep disorder. Unfortunately, driver fatigue is far too prevalent.

When your child is hurt in a bike accident

Parents have a myriad of challenging issues to work through with children, from concerns about their performance in the classroom to their child having problems with friends. However, an accident can be particularly upsetting for an entire family and create a variety of hardships, such as a child experiencing physical pain and being held back due to injuries and parents struggling with medical expenses. There are many ways that children can become injured or killed in a traffic accident, but it is especially concerning when a child is struck while riding a bicycle.

How many children pass away due to improper car seat use?

Each year, far too many lives are lost in motor vehicle wrecks. Sadly, some of these accidents claim the lives of very young children who had their entire lives ahead of them. Children die in accidents in different ways and sometimes their deaths could not have been prevented by their parents, such as instances where a reckless driver decided to drive drunk. Sadly, some of these fatalities were entirely preventable and happened because of ignorance or carelessness, such as the improper use of car seats.

Piecing your life together after a scooter accident

There are many different types of vehicles that are involved in traffic collisions, such as semi trucks, small cars, and vans. However, those who ride scooters and other types of motorcycles face an especially high risk of injury and death when they are involved in a motor vehicle collision. If a scooter accident has left you or someone close to you with an injury, you should do what you can to piece your life back together. This can be hard, but different options might be helpful, such as discussing things with your insurance company and taking your case to court.

What should I keep in an emergency kit for winter driving?

As a driver, you face countless threats every time you operate your vehicle, regardless of the time of year. Drowsy and intoxicated driving, traffic congestion, and speeding are just some of the hazards you might encounter. However, weather can also lead to a traffic wreck and in many areas this is particularly true during the winter. From blowing snow to ice and even strong winds, winter weather can cause traffic wrecks in many ways. These accidents cannot always be prevented, but you could be able to protect yourself by having an emergency kit in the car in the event that you become stranded or are involved in a collision.

Does coffee improve driving abilities?

Sometimes, drivers become tired because they didn’t get enough sleep the previous night or had to work overtime. Moreover, many drivers simply feel tired in the morning, even if they had a sufficient amount of sleep. Often, people turn to caffeine when they feel this way, hoping that coffee or an energy drink will give them more energy and make them alert. It is important to take a closer look at this issue, in light of the dangers associated with drowsy driving.

How many fatal crashes involve prescription drugs?

Often, when people think about intoxicated driving they focus on the consumption of alcohol. While drunk driving is a major problem, there are other ways that drivers can become intoxicated and lose their ability to drive safe, such as drugged driving due to the consumption of prescription medication. In some ways, prescription drugs can be especially problematic because some drivers may not realize that the medication their physician has told them to take interferes with their driving. Moreover, prescription drugs play a role in a large number of fatal accidents.

Taking a stand against drowsy driving

In recent years, different awareness campaigns have helped lower the prevalence of drunk driving. While it is important for drivers to understand the problems associated with driving under the influence, there are far more dangerous behaviors that can threaten lives, such as drowsy driving. Drivers become fatigued for a wide variety of different reasons, including poor sleep habits, working during the night, or working excessive hours, to name some. We believe these habits and risk factors should be pointed out to drivers in order to reduce the prevalence of this life-threatening problem.

How often do people fall asleep while driving?

There are many threats that drivers and passengers face on a daily basis. However, it is especially dangerous when someone falls asleep behind the wheel or is too tired to safely operate their vehicle. Every year, far too many people are involved in drowsy driving collisions in Bowling Green and around Kentucky, which often lead to serious injuries and even the loss of life. Sadly, drivers fall asleep while they are supposed to be in control of their vehicles far too frequently.

Social media and car accident claims

There are many factors that can come into play when someone takes their case to the courtroom after a car accident or files a claim with their insurance company, such as whether the person who collided with them was under the influence of alcohol. However, some people do not realize that certain behaviors, such as sharing information online, can also affect the outcome of a case. If you were hit by a negligent driver and are struggling to recover, we know that you should take all aspects of your situation into consideration, such as not sharing potentially damaging information on social media sites.

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