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How to prove liability after a car accident

On Behalf of | Oct 19, 2020 | car accidents

Kentucky residents can easily be traumatized when they are involved in a car accident, particularly car accidents that are more serious than the usual “fender bender.” When a car accident leads to serious injuries for drivers and passengers, and damage to the vehicles involved, the memory of that incident can linger for years, if not decades. When another party caused the car accident you were involved in, there may come a time when you need to focus on proving liability.

Liability in personal injury lawsuits

So, how do you prove liability after a car accident? Many people may think this is a simple enough concept, but in some cases the actual facts may not be as clear as we all would like. The facts gathered in the immediate aftermath of the car accident can be crucial.

For starters, most, if not all, serious car accidents will likely lead to a police report being generated. This report, which details an officer’s impressions and the information gathered from those involved, and perhaps witnesses, can be one of the most important initial stances on what, exactly, occurred to lead to the car accident. If anyone involved took photographs of the accident scene, those could be crucial pieces of evidence as well. Medical records can also be vastly important too.

In all, proving liability in a personal injury lawsuit is based on the same foundation as all other legal cases: evidence. To prove liability, there must be some evidence that tends to show your argument that the other party – the “defendant” – did, indeed, through act or omission, cause the car accident.