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A cracked windshield can reduce safety

On Behalf of | Aug 20, 2020 | car accidents

Drivers have an obligation to maintain their car in a roadworthy state. One of the faults you see on some vehicles is a cracked windshield. They usually happen when a stone is thrown up from the road by a passing car and can be especially prevalent when road resurfacing work is going on. That is why it is essential to slow down when going over gravel sections in the Bowling Green area.

These are some reasons why a cracked windshield can be dangerous:

  • They impair the view: You need a clear picture of the road when driving. Cracks or chips, especially in front of the driver, can obscure part of the vision. If driving at night, they can increase the dazzling effect of oncoming car headlights. If driving in the rain, they may prevent the wipers from cleaning correctly.
  • They can break: Most cracks get bigger with time and could break when you least expect it, causing a driver to react suddenly with the shock.
  • They are essential for airbags: When a front airbag deploys, it relies on the windshield to contain it, keeping it in the correct position for the person’s head.
  • They add structural support: An undamaged piece of glass can help keep the roof away from your head if you rollover, avoiding you being crushed. In a frontal crash, they can help distribute impact into the chassis.

If you are injured in a Bowling Green car wreck, seek legal help to claim compensation. If the other driver was driving with a cracked windshield, it could explain why the crash happened.