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Falls in nursing homes are often preventable

On Behalf of | May 8, 2020 | nursing home abuse

Elderly nursing home residents can suffer considerable injuries if they fall. For this reason, fall prevention must always remain a priority at these facilities. There are many methods that nursing homes can use to prevent these from occurring. Sadly, the employees are sometimes lax, which may lead to a negligence claim if the resident suffers harm in a preventable fall.

One of the primary methods for preventing falls is to determine who is at risk for falling. These residents might include those who have balance issues, and those who are on certain medications. Determining what type of interventions are appropriate for the resident is figured out by assessing them to learn the likely cause of the fall.

Another primary method is having safety gear around the facility. At a minimum, this may include handrails along the hallways so that residents who are moving about have something to grasp that will prevent the fall. Handrails in the bathrooms and equipment to help them move from their bed to the bathroom may also be beneficial. In some cases, the resident will need help from someone to take care of basic hygiene and other needs.

When a resident has a fall, they should receive an evaluation to determine if there are any injuries. They may also need follow-up care. Typically, a reevaluation of the resident’s fall risk is also necessary. While one fall might not necessarily signal a serious issue, multiple falls may come from negligence or even abuse. Taking steps to determine what’s going on and to protect the resident from future harm is imperative. Legal action to recover damages might also stem from these cases.