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The need for added vigilance when trucking in construction zones

On Behalf of | Mar 12, 2020 | truck accidents

Truckers transport products across long distances, which may require them to drive in unfamiliar places, in heavy traffic or inclement weather, during nighttime hours and around other drivers who may be both inexperienced or distracted.

Construction zones, in particular, are areas where truck drivers should practice extra caution to avoid causing a preventable accident.

Traffic rules

Perhaps the most important thing that truckers can do when they approach a construction zone is to pay attention to road signs and warnings. Indications informing drivers of the need to slow down, merge or watch for construction workers can help truckers know how to prepare for the road ahead and what potential hazards to watch for. suggests that truckers be aware of their surroundings, but not so focused on the construction zone and the work happening around them that they become dangerously distracted.

The “Take 10” method

Following the speed limit is crucial for truckers who wish to stay in confident control of their rig while traveling in a construction zone. This is especially true if they encounter drivers who are not paying attention or who are driving recklessly, and carelessly merge right in the path of a truck. Schneider recommends that truckers employ the “Take 10” method, which means they turn their blinker on a full three seconds before they plan to merge. Then, they take seven seconds to complete their maneuver while constantly scanning their mirrors for sudden hazards.

Despite the push to get products delivered on time and arrive at their destination as soon as possible, truckers should remember that encountering construction on the road may inevitably mean delays. Their ability to plan for these types of things ahead of time by mapping their route may allow them to stay patient and avoid stress when they see indications of construction work ahead.