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Study highlights causes of surgical errors

People who live in Kentucky and who may be in need of undergoing a surgical procedure might feel a bit nervous or concerned about the prospect of a problem occurring during their operation. These concerns are not unfounded as medical errors have made major news headlines in recent years as contributing to a significant number of deaths in the United States every year. Some research has even indicated that only heart disease and cancer claim more lives annually.

3 things to know about encounters with drunk drivers

Drunk driving is a behavior that creates danger for not just the person driving, but also their passengers and everyone else on the road. Drunk drivers are almost universally aware of the risks that come with their decision to get behind the wheel after enjoying a few drinks. The same is true of drugged drivers who get behind the wheel after using powerful pharmaceutical medications or recreational drugs.

Does a mental illness qualify for disability benefits?

If you are suffering from a mental illness in Kentucky, it probably has had an adverse impact on how you live your everyday life. Sometimes, your condition can be so severe that you are just not able to continue working. Worried about finances, you may be wondering whether or not you may qualify for some kind of assistance from Social Security. 

How motorcyclists can maximize their safety on the road

With rolling farmlands and roads that wind around beautiful mountains, Kentucky is a motorcycle rider’s paradise. Cyclists love the open feeling and bucolic scenery throughout the state and often enjoy riding together in a group. However, just as with any motor vehicle, there is always the chance of being involved in car accidents. How can bikers safely ride with confidence?

How the U.S. Social Security Administration defines “disability”

Many residents of Kentucky have disabilities that are serious enough to prevent them from working, and if you are among them, you may have applied for benefits from the U.S. Social Security Administration in an effort to stay financially afloat. At the law firm of Debra L. Broz, Attorneys at Law, PLC, we recognize that many people who apply for Social Security disability benefits receive denials in response to their applications, and we have helped many clients facing similar circumstances pursue successful benefit appeals.

Why are people still texting and driving?

While driving on Kentucky roadways, you may all too often see other drivers operating their vehicle with a mobile device in their hands. Whether they are using them to read or write a text, look at directions or seek information on the internet, this is a dangerous practice with the opportunity for devastating consequences. 

A shortage of truckers can impact public safety

People might have heard news about the shortage of truckers that is happening in this country. It really isn't something new, and it doesn't appear that it is going to be rectified in the near future. What many of these individuals may not realize is that this issue can have an impact on their safety while on the roads.

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