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How does returning to work affect your SSD benefits?

On Behalf of | Jul 7, 2019 | social security disability

If you have been in an accident and your injuries are going to prevent you from being able to maintain your employment in Kentucky, one of the first steps you may be taking is to apply for social security disability benefits. This action may allow you access to a stable income despite your inability to work. These benefits will continue so long as you are incapable of using your skills to do your job because of the impact of your injuries.

However, once you are cleared to return to work, you may be wondering how this development will affect your eligibility to continue receiving financial support from social security. According to the Social Security Administration, if you are able to return to your job, you may need to request that your responsibilities be modified to allow you to accomplish them even though you are still disabled. In this case, you may need to pay for adaptations that allow you to do your job safely and effectively. If this happens, you should inform the Social Security Administration immediately. They should also be informed if you have started working again or if the amount you were being paid before has changed.

Based on the information you have provided; your case may be screened again to determine whether or not your disability is continuing to provide limitations that allow you to receive benefits. If it is determined that your disability no longer affects your ability to work and receive fair compensation, your case will be marked as “ceased” and you will be informed that your benefits will no longer be given.

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