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Understanding the need for researching nursing homes

On Behalf of | Jun 30, 2019 | nursing home abuse

For some families, the decision to put their loved one in a nursing home in Kentucky is one that is made altogether, weighing the best options of the individual and seeking a facility that will provide the highest quality of care. For other families, the need is immediate and they may not see as much value in spending considerable time comparing their options. However, experts highly recommend that people spend at least some time researching nursing homes in their area before selecting one for their loved one.

A general comparison and minimal research can help to reveal a great deal about a nursing home’s ratings and the experiences that residents have had in the facility. People can also get an idea about where the facility stands in terms of violations and whether or not they have made adequate changes to have the charges dropped. With a bit of time spent on comparing their options, people can feel much more confident in the establishment they have chosen and its ability to provide the type of care their desire for their loved one to have.

According to National Public Radio Inc., an alarming number of the injuries that patients in nursing home facilities experience, are related to simple procedures that are part of everyday care. Because they are handled carelessly or ignored altogether, the patients’ face a heightened risk of injury or in serious cases, death. Nearly 60 percent of those who are injured, end up in the hospital for further treatment.

The Los Angeles Times reports that while people do not need to be terrified of nursing homes, they do need to spend enough time researching their options to uncover the history of each facility and how satisfactory the level of care is that it provides for both patients and their families.