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Bicycle accidents during the summer

On Behalf of | May 18, 2019 | car accidents

When it comes to traffic accidents, the summer months can be dangerous for countless reasons. For example, an increase in the number of drunk drivers may occur during the Fourth of July, road construction and travel can make crashes more likely and many pedestrians find themselves involved in traffic accidents. However, this is an especially dangerous time of year when it comes to bicycle accidents. Many children are out of school and enjoy riding their bikes often during summer break, and many adults take advantage of the warm weather and ride their bike to work or to get exercise. Sadly, this can result in a deadly accident.

Regardless of the reason why someone is riding a bicycle, they may be very vulnerable when they come into contact with a vehicle. Bicyclists may be thrown from their bike, resulting in a head injury. Or, a vehicle may slam into a bicyclist, causing them to sustain a broken bone. Deep lacerations and other types of injuries also occur far too often, and many of these accidents have resulted in the loss of bicyclist lives. Unfortunately, so many bicycle accidents happen because of reckless driving and unlawful behavior, such as speeding, intoxicated driving and ignoring other traffic safety laws.

If you are struggling to recover from a bike crash or someone in your family is in this position, you may want to explore your legal options as you try to move forward. Negligent drivers who are responsible for bicycle accidents should have to answe for the consequences of their actions.