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Are crashes involving animals more likely in the spring?

On Behalf of | May 4, 2019 | car accidents

There are many auto accident risk factors to watch out for during the spring, from drivers who are drowsy as a result of allergy medication to poor weather conditions. However, wildlife activity is another potential hazard for many drivers, especially in certain areas. It is important to be vigilant when behind the wheel, and this means watching out for other vehicles as well as various hazards which may result in a collision, such as wild and domestic animals.

According to the Federal Highway Administration, motor vehicle collisions which involve wildlife and domestic animals are more likely to take place during the spring and fall. There are a number of reasons why these seasons can be especially dangerous with respect to this risk factor, such as mating patterns, hunting seasons and migratory behavior. Unfortunately, some drivers are caught off-guard when an animal darts across the road or when a driver encounters an animal while maneuvering around a sharp turn, which could cause them to veer off the road and hit a tree or collide with another vehicle.

Even if you are careful while driving, another driver may not be paying attention and they could slam into you in an attempt to avoid hitting an animal. This could leave you with many hardships, from financial problems to physical pain and the loss of a loved one. Following a car crash, it is crucial to look over all of the details of the crash, and it may be necessary to bring your case to court.