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Can employers encourage safety in their fleet?

On Behalf of | Jan 4, 2019 | truck accidents

If you are part of a fleet of drivers that work for your employer in Kentucky, chances are your superiors have implemented some protocols designed to encourage you and your cohorts to be safe on the road. Some of the things they may have done include requiring you to undergo a background check, requiring you to maintain a clean driving record and limiting your access to various devices while you are operating company vehicles.

While your employer can undoubtedly provide training and resources to help you become more educated on how to effectively minimize and prevent distractions from causing you to engage in dangerous behavior behind the wheel, it is also your responsibility to be doing your part to stay safe. Through your example, you may also be able to encourage your fellow workers to engage in responsible behavior as well. Additionally, your employer may have some type of reward or incentive program that is designed to commend drivers of their fleet that demonstrate a commitment to following the rules.

According to FleetOwner, distractions may be much more prevalent than you realize. In reality, talking, eating and even thinking can all be distractions if you become so focused on what you are doing that it diverts your attention away from driving. As such, you can do things like input GPS coordinates before you begin driving, make sure you are taking adequate breaks and resting between shifts, and doing your part to drive defensively so you can effectively recognize and mitigate hazards that may come up suddenly.

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