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How should you report nursing home abuse in Kentucky?

On Behalf of | Nov 30, 2018 | nursing home abuse

According to the Kentucky Office of Attorney General, there are approximately 23,000 elderly residents living in more than 300 nursing home facilities throughout the state of Kentucky. That number is exponentially greater throughout the entire U.S. Many residents who live in nursing home facilities receive compassionate and quality care, but unfortunately, “many” is not “all.”

According to the AG, there are approximately 5 million reported cases of nursing home abuse throughout the U.S. each year. That number only makes up a small percentage of the real number. Experts believe that 84 percent of abuse and neglect cases go unreported.

If you are the victim of nursing home abuse, or if you believe that the caretakers of a loved one are abusing him or her, you have a right and a duty to report that abuse to Adult Protective Services. You can do so by calling 1-800-752-6200 or by mailing a complaint to 275 E. Main Street, Frankfort, KY 40621.

You can also call in a complaint to the Office of Inspector General at 502-564-7963. The Office of Attorney General also encourages tips. You can contact the AG at (877-228-7384).

As soon as you suspect nursing home abuse or neglect, call each of the aforementioned agencies immediately. The representatives with whom you speak may ask for the name of the victim, the name of the facility at which the suspected abuse took place, the date and time of the suspected abuse, the names of any witnesses and your name and contact information. However, each agency allows individuals to make anonymous tips as well.

The information in this post is for purely educational purposes. You should not take it as legal advice.