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The effects of blood alcohol concentration

AAA reports that a leading cause of car accidents in Kentucky is driving under the influence of alcohol. More than half of the crashes due to driving while intoxicated happen during the weekend and evening hours. Four times as many fatal accidents occur at nights as during the day. Injuries due to a car crash with a drunk driver can change the lives of everyone involved.

The sweeping changes made to workers’ compensation

Earlier this year, the Kentucky legislature enacted sweeping changes to the workers’ compensation system through House Bill 2. The goal was to bring the existing statutes up to date, as there have been few changes in the last two decades. At Debra L. Broz, Attorneys at Law, PLC, we understand that benefits received from workers’ compensation can make a huge difference in your daily life.

The increasing number of big truck accidents

Big rigs, semitrucks, tractor-trailers or 18-wheelers: Whatever name is used, they can be found any time of the day and night, barreling down Kentucky roadways. In high winds, the trailers often sway, and they are so much larger than light trucks and cars on the road, many people try to avoid driving near them. A report from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration shows that fatalities involving large trucks increased by 3 percent between 2015 and 2016.

Nursing home ratings hide substandard quality of care

Caring for an elderly loved one who needs special assistance can be complicated, and in-home care is expensive. There are many factors that Kentucky families should take into consideration when searching for nursing facilities. One of the most critical points to consider is adequate staffing for proper care.

What is actionable medical malpractice?

Patients in Kentucky expect competent care from their medical professionals. If you are in a situation where that hasn’t happened, and you’ve received sub-standard care, you may sue for medical malpractice. Also known as medical negligence, it describes a diagnosis or treatment that increases the severity of an existing injury or causes a new one.

Older adults in nursing homes at risk for financial abuse

Placing your loved one in a nursing home or assisted living facility is never a simple decision. Your loved one very likely wants to remain at home, and you worry about the possibility for mistreatment in an assisted living home. It's important that you check the reputation, hiring practices and care standards of any facility you consider for a loved one.

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