Beware of delayed pain after any car accident

If you have a car accident and think that your vehicle is the only thing that suffered any damage, you may have injuries that don't cause pain until hours or even days later. These are known as delayed pain injuries, and they can prove just as destructive or even deadly as other injuries that are much easier to identify and treat.

Our bodies are not built to withstand the impact of a car accident, even though most of us are so familiar with driving or riding in cars that we rarely think about just how unnatural it is. Car accidents often serve as a harsh reminder that we are much more vulnerable to injury than we might think.

No matter how relatively minor your car accident is, you should still make it a priority to seek out a professional medical examination as soon as you can, to make sure you are truly injury-free or possibly identify delayed pain injuries before they have the opportunity to worsen and cause serious harm.

Head injuries

Any blow to the head may potentially cause some form of brain damage, even if it is minor. Unfortunately, many people do not realize that minor brain injuries are often some of the most destructive brain injuries, because they are so difficult to detect. Often a minor brain injury may change a victim's personality and ability to focus, or may make it very difficult for the victim to understand what he or she reads or hears in conversation.

Those around the victim have no reason to believe that these are the symptoms of an injury, and may think that the victim is simply making a series of needless mistakes and handling it very poorly. This can seriously impact both personal and business relationships, and may destroy them.

Back and neck injuries

Often, the muscles in the neck and back suffer whiplash damage during a car accident, which may not cause pain or stiffness for a few hours or until the victim sleeps and wakes up. Of course, once the pain and soreness do set in, the victim may feel practically paralyzed. Similarly, if a car accident damages the nerves within the spinal column or damages the vertebrae of the column itself, the victim may not feel any immediate pain, but may soon develop numbness, tingling, or sharp and radiating pain in various parts of his or her body. Without treatment, these sensations may last indefinitely.

Abdominal injuries

Any pain that you feel in your abdomen after a car accident is a right-now emergency. You must go directly to an emergency care facility as soon as you can to make sure that you do not have a potentially fatal condition and to identify and treat it if you do. Both organ damage and internal bleeding often cause delayed pain after car accidents, and both of them are equally deadly.

Too much blood loss can quickly kill you, whether you lose that blood internally or externally. However, a small internal injury that bleeds may grow infected, which causes a much larger problem than the slight internal blood loss. The infection, once it reaches a sufficient size, may travel through the blood stream, infecting every part of your body.

Organ damage may not cause pain at first, but that changes drastically if one of your organs fails. Once an organ fails, the rest of the organs will also fail, which is both exceptionally painful and fatal.

For your own sake and the sake of those who love you, make sure to seek out the care you need as soon as you can. If you suffered serious injuries in the accident, be sure to consider the legal options that you have to seek fair compensation, focusing on protecting your rights as you work towards recovery.

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