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Social Security disability benefits for wounded veterans

If you or a loved one is like many returning Tennessee war veterans, life has irrevocably changed since deployment. Permanent physical damage to the body such as brain injuries and loss of the use of one or more limbs are common. At Debra L. Broz Attorneys at Law, PLC, we understand that military benefits may not be enough to cover your living and medical expenses. Military service members can receive Social Security disability in addition to those from the Department of Veterans Affairs to supplement finances.

Trucking company negligence

Commercial vehicles in Tennessee are much larger than the average sedan or family minivan. As a result, trucking accidents often cause severe injuries and fatalities. A 2017 AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety study shows that more than 400,000 auto accidents on America’s roads involved commercial trucks. In addition to upholding safety regulations, installing advanced safety equipment can reduce the number of crashes significantly.

Beware of delayed pain after any car accident

If you have a car accident and think that your vehicle is the only thing that suffered any damage, you may have injuries that don't cause pain until hours or even days later. These are known as delayed pain injuries, and they can prove just as destructive or even deadly as other injuries that are much easier to identify and treat.

Pedestrian accidents during the Fourth of July

At any time of year, pedestrians face the risk of being struck by a reckless driver. Whether someone veers off of the road or fails to stop at a crosswalk, there are different ways that pedestrians are hit by reckless drivers and these accidents can prove fatal or lead to a severe injury. During certain occasions, such as the Fourth of July and other holidays, the risk of a pedestrian accident may be especially high and we will look into some factors related to July Fourth pedestrian accidents in this post.

Why are recalls issued for drugs you may be taking?

Recently, your doctor prescribed a new medication for you to try to help treat a preexisting condition you have suffered for quite some time. Now, you have found out that the exact drug he prescribed is under mandatory recall in the state of Kentucky. Understanding why drugs are recalled may enable you to be better aware of the side affects you should be looking for if you begin to suffer unexplained symptoms. 

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