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Government oversight does not ensure nursing home safety

You may take comfort from the fact that the federal government has a hand in making sure that nursing homes in Kentucky and across the country comply with safety regulations. This should mean that your loved one is safe as a resident at a local facility. However, the legal team at Debra L. Broz, Attorneys at Law, PLC, often handles cases of nursing home and abuse and neglect. How is it that facilities are continuing to put residents in danger, even after supposedly correcting the problems noted in official investigations?

What evidence do I need to include with my SSD application?

Since your injury, you have been unable to go back to your Kentucky workplace and resume your career, and now it appears that you never will. Bills do not stop coming in when income is lost, but it appears that your disability will be covered by Social Security disability insurance. 

Infant killed, woman paralyzed after man plows into intersection

Whenever people get behind the wheel, they are relying on their own decisions and sense of responsibility to make choices that will get them safely from one destination in Kentucky to another. However, everyone, no matter how careful and attentive they are, are subject to the actions of others. In unfortunate circumstances, the irresponsible and blatant carelessness of others can create extreme danger and forever alter the lives of innocent people. 

Accidents with uninsured drivers can leave you with major losses

Getting into a motor vehicle collision or crash can have a dramatic impact on your life. In addition to the potential damages to your vehicle and derailing of your schedule, you could suffer serious injuries that leave you with medical bills. In some cases, you could end up so badly hurt that you may not be able to return to work for some time.

Headphones and distracted driving

Drivers may become distracted while operating a vehicle in numerous ways, whether they are holding a conversation with one of their passengers and divert their attention from the road or they try to change the radio station or eat food. However, headphones can be especially concerning, since it can interfere with a driver’s ability to hear sounds such as honking horns or distract them in other ways.

Understanding elder abuse and when to report problems

When families in Kentucky make the difficult decision to put their elderly loved on in a nursing home facility, they place a considerable amount of trust in the staff members to provide compassionate and loyal care. While many nursing homes make it their number one priority to create a comfortable and safe environment for their residents, there are others who are careless and neglect patients which result in unnecessary injuries. 

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