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When your child is hurt in a bike accident

On Behalf of | Feb 23, 2018 | car accidents

Parents have a myriad of challenging issues to work through with children, from concerns about their performance in the classroom to their child having problems with friends. However, an accident can be particularly upsetting for an entire family and create a variety of hardships, such as a child experiencing physical pain and being held back due to injuries and parents struggling with medical expenses. There are many ways that children can become injured or killed in a traffic accident, but it is especially concerning when a child is struck while riding a bicycle.

Bike accidents may occur due to a driver’s intoxication or simple carelessness, failing to pay attention to the road and veering onto the sidewalk. You should do everything you can to help your child recover physically, but you should not overlook the emotional impact of these accidents and the other ways in which your child is affected by the crash, such as an inability to participate in sports at school.

Sadly, many children have also lost their lives in bike accidents. If you are struggling with emotional pain due to the loss of your child, it is important to hold a negligent driver accountable if his or her actions caused the crash.

If your child is recovering from a bicycle accident, you should not waste any time in looking over your various legal options. This experience can be especially upsetting for parents and children and our accident page provides more material related to bike accident injuries and some options on the table.