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When your child is hurt in a bike accident

Parents have a myriad of challenging issues to work through with children, from concerns about their performance in the classroom to their child having problems with friends. However, an accident can be particularly upsetting for an entire family and create a variety of hardships, such as a child experiencing physical pain and being held back due to injuries and parents struggling with medical expenses. There are many ways that children can become injured or killed in a traffic accident, but it is especially concerning when a child is struck while riding a bicycle.

How many children pass away due to improper car seat use?

Each year, far too many lives are lost in motor vehicle wrecks. Sadly, some of these accidents claim the lives of very young children who had their entire lives ahead of them. Children die in accidents in different ways and sometimes their deaths could not have been prevented by their parents, such as instances where a reckless driver decided to drive drunk. Sadly, some of these fatalities were entirely preventable and happened because of ignorance or carelessness, such as the improper use of car seats.

How can you help a wounded veteran?

If you have a family member or friend who has served in the military, you may have been faced with the sometimes-debilitating fear that he or she will be hurt while serving abroad. You may even know someone who has experienced the traumatizing effects of war and is currently trying to adjust to a new normal with mental and emotional challenges or physical disabilities that are the direct result of combat. Fortunately, there are simple things you can do to provide support, reassurance and encouragement to veterans in Kentucky who have been wounded and are faced with an uncertain future. 

How many deadly truck crashes occur each year?

Large truck collisions often lead to devastating consequences, such as permanent disabilities that leave victims with an inability to work and severe emotional distress. Tragically, they also cause victims to pass away far too often in Kentucky and across the U.S. Those who are required to operate a bus or a large truck should understand the potential risks they face every time they get behind the wheel and the serious consequences associated with a crash. Sadly, these accidents will continue to happen due to truck driver fatigue, intoxication, and a host of other problems.

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