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What should I keep in an emergency kit for winter driving?

On Behalf of | Jan 19, 2018 | car accidents

As a driver, you face countless threats every time you operate your vehicle, regardless of the time of year. Drowsy and intoxicated driving, traffic congestion, and speeding are just some of the hazards you might encounter. However, weather can also lead to a traffic wreck and in many areas this is particularly true during the winter. From blowing snow to ice and even strong winds, winter weather can cause traffic wrecks in many ways. These accidents cannot always be prevented, but you could be able to protect yourself by having an emergency kit in the car in the event that you become stranded or are involved in a collision.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency has provided helpful information related to emergency kits for winter driving. According to FEMA, there are a number of items that drivers should have on hand in case they find themselves stranded after a motor vehicle accident (or some other incident, such as a car dying) during the winter. Some items might seem somewhat obvious, such as a cell phone and charger, a snow shovel and ice scraper, a winter coat, as well as food and water. However, there are other things drivers should keep on hand, such as blankets and cat litter to scatter beneath tires in the event that a vehicle becomes stuck due to snow or ice.

If someone’s carelessness causes you to sustain injuries or other hardships in a winter crash, look into your rights. Furthermore, those who cause car crashes that leave people hurt must be held responsible.