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Taking a stand against drowsy driving

On Behalf of | Dec 26, 2017 | car accidents

In recent years, different awareness campaigns have helped lower the prevalence of drunk driving. While it is important for drivers to understand the problems associated with driving under the influence, there are far more dangerous behaviors that can threaten lives, such as drowsy driving. Drivers become fatigued for a wide variety of different reasons, including poor sleep habits, working during the night, or working excessive hours, to name some. We believe these habits and risk factors should be pointed out to drivers in order to reduce the prevalence of this life-threatening problem.

Some drivers may not know that they have become dangerously tired, accidentally putting themselves and others in harms way. On the other hand, some drivers are well aware that they should not be on the road but continue to do so regardless. Either way, the consequences can be life-shattering for those who are hit by a fatigued driver and the ones they love.

Preventing drowsy driving accidents is pivotal, but for some people prevention is not an option. If your loved one’s life was claimed by a drowsy driver, or you have suffered injuries in this type of accident, do not feel as if you have no choices to pursue. Depending on what happened, legal action could be a route for you to look into, especially if you need compensation to move ahead.

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