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How many fatal crashes involve prescription drugs?

On Behalf of | Dec 29, 2017 | car accidents

Often, when people think about intoxicated driving they focus on the consumption of alcohol. While drunk driving is a major problem, there are other ways that drivers can become intoxicated and lose their ability to drive safe, such as drugged driving due to the consumption of prescription medication. In some ways, prescription drugs can be especially problematic because some drivers may not realize that the medication their physician has told them to take interferes with their driving. Moreover, prescription drugs play a role in a large number of fatal accidents.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse drew attention to a study from 2010 which assessed fatal auto accidents. The study found that painkillers were the most frequently used prescription drugs among drivers involved in deadly wrecks, but it is vital to keep in mind that other drugs, such as those which aim to reduce anxiety, can also cause an accident. The study also showed that roughly 47 percent of drivers involved in fatal wrecks during 2010 whose drug test results were positive had taken prescription medication.

Clearly, the use of prescription drugs is far too common among drivers who are involved in deadly crashes. Moreover, the consumption of these drugs also causes many accidents that leave innocent people with various injuries and shatters their lives in other ways. When drivers disregard the safety of others, they should not have the ability to get away with their behavior if they cause an accident, whether they were taking illegal drugs, drinking alcohol, or consuming prescriptions.