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Thorough investigation necessary to identify faulty auto parts

On Behalf of | Aug 4, 2017 | truck accidents

In the aftermath of a serious accident, particularly one involving a massive tractor trailer, it can be all but impossible for victims and bystanders to know what went wrong. This is especially true when the cause of an accident is a single, defective auto part.

Such situations are not unusual, sadly. For instance, recently, 1,700 trucks were recalled after the maker of the engines announced they contained defective engine parts.

According to reports, defective fuel pumps have malfunctioned and caused trucks to stall. When a truck stalls, drivers can lose control and the vehicle can become disabled in an unsafe area, like a lane of a busy interstate.

Owners of the trucks affected by the recall should receive notification and a free replacement of the vehicle’s fuel pump.

Unfortunately, it is possible that some owners will decide not get this replacement right away; some might not even receive the proper notification that their truck is affected by the recall in the first place. This can mean that unsafe trucks with defective parts can continue to operate on roads here in Kentucky and all across the U.S.

Automotive defects are not rare, regrettably. As a result of efforts to save time and money, car and truck makers can put out unsafe vehicles that can break down or malfunction, causing catastrophic accidents. When this happens, it can be incredibly important to identify a defective part that may have contributed to a crash.

With all this in mind, it is crucial for accident victims to seek the guidance and resources of an attorney after a truck crush. An attorney can investigate the accident, collect data including truck inspection records and talk to witnesses in order to confirm what went wrong and who is to blame. Without legal guidance, you may not have all the information available, and you could wind up missing out on compensation you deserve from one or more liable parties.