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Kentucky is reviewing road safety after truck accidents

On Behalf of | Aug 31, 2017 | truck accidents

At Debra L. Broz, Attorney at Law, PLC, we know that truck accidents in Kentucky can have complex causes. Truck accidents can be caused by dangerous driving conditions, by driver or shipping company negligence or poor driving by another vehicle on the road.

As the Courier-Journal reports, some recent truck accidents in Louisville have the Kentucky Transportation Board considering whether the roads themselves pose dangers to drivers. The part of the highway at issue is nicknamed “Spaghetti Junction,” for its tangle of on-ramps, off-ramps and merges at the center of the $2.3 billion Downtown Crossing Project. The Board will be reconsidering the recommended speed for the road, adding merge arrows and studying whether to add curve warnings. Their actions come after several high-profile semitruck accidents over the summer of 2017. In one accident, a semitruck overturned and spilled its load of glue across the roadway. In another, a crash freed dozens of pigs being carried by a semitruck trailer. The pigs swarmed across the lanes before being recaptured.

Unfortunately, semitruck collisions are not uncommon on Interstate 65. Semitruck accidents can have deadly consequences and leave survivors with hefty medical bills, recurring emotional trauma, pain and reduced enjoyment of their lives. Survivors can also face difficulty investigating the causes of a crash to enure that it does not happen again to someone else. Truck drivers, their companies, the owners of cargo and other drivers on the road may all bear some contributing responsibility for an accident. For more information about truck accidents, visit our webpage.