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Moving trucks and traffic accidents

Any time a driver gets behind the wheel, they face the risk of a collision. Having said that, there are certain times when the chances of a crash occurring may be even higher. For example, a driver might be even more likely to collide with another vehicle when they are driving a moving truck for the first time because they are not very familiar with how to safely operate the larger vehicle. Moreover, drivers may have more difficulty avoiding hazards on the road when they are driving a moving truck for the first time, such as someone who is swerving between lanes due to intoxication.

In other instances, the driver of a moving truck may cause a crash because they lack familiarity with the vehicle or are under a great deal of stress while driving. When an accident occurs, those operating a moving truck may be completely unsure of where to turn or how to address the collision. They may be worried about whether or not insurance will cover the damage and how the crash will affect them from a financial standpoint. Worse, these accidents can also lead to debilitating injuries and even death. Because of the various hardships that these collisions frequently cause, it is crucial for people to carefully assess their situation and identify the right way forward. If another driver’s negligence might have contributed to an accident, this cannot be overlooked.

These car insurance claim mistakes don’t have to impact you

Many people who are part of a motor vehicle accident immediately turn to their insurance company. While there is no denying the fact that you need to report the crash, here's something to remember: Your agent is not necessarily looking out for what's in your best interest.

With so many car insurance claim mistakes lurking, you never know when you could do something that puts you in an even more challenging position.

Kentucky Law Prohibits Texting and Driving - But Is It Enough?

In Kentucky, if you are caught texting and driving behind the wheel, you will be stopped and fined $25 for a first offense and $50 for each subsequent offense. For teens under eighteen it is against the law to use a cell phone in any way while behind the wheel. (KRS 189.292). But with distracted driving statistics alarmingly high, one asks why fines are so small and how strict is enforcement.

Does coffee improve driving abilities?

Sometimes, drivers become tired because they didn’t get enough sleep the previous night or had to work overtime. Moreover, many drivers simply feel tired in the morning, even if they had a sufficient amount of sleep. Often, people turn to caffeine when they feel this way, hoping that coffee or an energy drink will give them more energy and make them alert. It is important to take a closer look at this issue, in light of the dangers associated with drowsy driving.

Material published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information covers the impact of coffee on driving abilities. The study found that the consumption of one cup of coffee did show benefits when consumed by drivers who were not deprived of sleep. Sleepiness among drivers who participated in the study and consumed caffeinated coffee declined, while their performance behind the wheel improved.

How many fatal crashes involve prescription drugs?

Often, when people think about intoxicated driving they focus on the consumption of alcohol. While drunk driving is a major problem, there are other ways that drivers can become intoxicated and lose their ability to drive safe, such as drugged driving due to the consumption of prescription medication. In some ways, prescription drugs can be especially problematic because some drivers may not realize that the medication their physician has told them to take interferes with their driving. Moreover, prescription drugs play a role in a large number of fatal accidents.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse drew attention to a study from 2010 which assessed fatal auto accidents. The study found that painkillers were the most frequently used prescription drugs among drivers involved in deadly wrecks, but it is vital to keep in mind that other drugs, such as those which aim to reduce anxiety, can also cause an accident. The study also showed that roughly 47 percent of drivers involved in fatal wrecks during 2010 whose drug test results were positive had taken prescription medication.

Taking a stand against drowsy driving

In recent years, different awareness campaigns have helped lower the prevalence of drunk driving. While it is important for drivers to understand the problems associated with driving under the influence, there are far more dangerous behaviors that can threaten lives, such as drowsy driving. Drivers become fatigued for a wide variety of different reasons, including poor sleep habits, working during the night, or working excessive hours, to name some. We believe these habits and risk factors should be pointed out to drivers in order to reduce the prevalence of this life-threatening problem.

Some drivers may not know that they have become dangerously tired, accidentally putting themselves and others in harms way. On the other hand, some drivers are well aware that they should not be on the road but continue to do so regardless. Either way, the consequences can be life-shattering for those who are hit by a fatigued driver and the ones they love.

What are my options for appealing an SSD denial?

Your injury has kept you from returning to your Kentucky workplace, so it seemed as if applying for Social Security disability benefits was the right thing to do. However, now you have received a denial. How will you support yourself if you cannot work? Is this the end of the line?

Fortunately, a denial from the Social Security Administration can be appealed. In fact, the SSA has set up a series of options for people with disabilities to pursue to make sure that they are not denied benefits that they should have. You should begin this process as soon as possible after you receive the denial because there is a time limit of 60 days from the date you receive it.

Did you suffer a mild brain injury in a car accident?

Car accidents often cause more serious damage than we may immediately realize, especially if a person suffers a blow to the head in the course of the accident itself. In some cases, victims may not even realize they suffered the injury, or may not remember striking their head at all.

Mild brain injuries, known as mild traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) can create sudden changes in personality as well as cognitive function. These may affect many areas of a person's professional and personal life, and may bring disaster if the injury does not receive proper treatment.

How often do people fall asleep while driving?

There are many threats that drivers and passengers face on a daily basis. However, it is especially dangerous when someone falls asleep behind the wheel or is too tired to safely operate their vehicle. Every year, far too many people are involved in drowsy driving collisions in Bowling Green and around Kentucky, which often lead to serious injuries and even the loss of life. Sadly, drivers fall asleep while they are supposed to be in control of their vehicles far too frequently.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention published upsetting information on drowsy driving. The CDC reports that an estimated one per 25 drivers over 18 admits to falling asleep behind the wheel over the last 30 days. Moreover, data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration shows that an estimated 800 people passed away due to distracted driving in 2013, while 44,000 injuries were sustained as a result of this problem over the same year. There are many factors that can contribute to drowsy driving which drivers should be aware of, such as insufficient sleep, working during the night, medication, and working for an excessive amount of time.

How are residents hurt in nursing homes?

If you have recently helped your loved one relocate to a nursing home, or are living in a facility yourself, you could have different concerns, from the cost of living in the facility to the emotional impact of relocation. However, there are other problems that can arise in nursing homes and it is essential for you to keep an eye out for any instances of wrongdoing. Sadly, many nursing home residents have sustained an injury due to the negligent behavior of someone else inside a nursing home.

On their site, the State of Michigan has offered a number of examples of nursing home abuse. For example, a resident may be physically assaulted or subjected to illegal sexual conduct at the hands of someone who works for a nursing home. Residents may be neglected, whether they develop bedsores, become extremely dehydrated, lose a significant amount of weight, or are hurt under questionable circumstances.

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