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Two-vehicle collision results in multiple injuries

An on-duty Hopkinsville Police Officer was involved in a rear-end collision last Monday in Christian County. The officer, Timothy Humble, was patrolling on Dawson Springs Road when the collision occurred at the intersection of Dawson Springs Road

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Obtaining SSDI benefits for bipolar disorder

Most residents of Bowling Green are aware that they can obtain financial help if they become totally disabled by a physical injury or other medical condition. However, many people who suffer from bipolar disorder wonder

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How bankruptcy could provide a fresh start in a new year

2020 presented all Americans with a considerable fiscal challenge. Many families had little control over their income while layoffs and lockdown measures kept adults out of work. Using credit helps cover bills for essentials like

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What is the Social Security disability appeals process?

The majority of claims for Social Security disability benefits are initially denied. For that reason, it is important for individuals who have had their claim for Social Security disability benefits denied to be familiar with

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Fault appears to be clear in recent Kentucky car accident

Obeying basic traffic regulations usually comes fairly naturally to most drivers in Kentucky: don’t speed; use turn signals; stay in your lane; stop at stop signs; etc. Unfortunately, when these basic traffic regulations aren’t followed,

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Why should you review your auto insurance proactively?

Unfortunately, Kentucky residents can often run into obstacles long before they are even in an accident. These challenges typically arise out of insurance. Insurance matters can be complex. Most people look only to save money

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How to prove liability after a car accident

Kentucky residents can easily be traumatized when they are involved in a car accident, particularly car accidents that are more serious than the usual “fender bender.” When a car accident leads to serious injuries for

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Death wins Social Security Disability appeals

Over one percent of the nine million Americans who appealed the denial of disability benefits through the Social Security Administration died before a decision was reached on their appeal between 2008 and 2019. Applicants should

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