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How to increase teen driving safety

Teenagers in Ohio are like teenagers everywhere. They are very excited to get their driver’s license but think mainly about the places it can take them and the independence it will bring. However, it is vital that teens understand the enormous responsibility that comes with this privilege. How can parents help teens become safer and more aware drivers? 

According to The New York Times, car accidents involving teenage drivers are the leading cause of death and injury for this age group. This is due not to bad skill sets, but rather errors in judgment that these young and unseasoned drivers make when they are on the road. It is therefore vital that teens receive not only driver’s education, but also thorough and repeated supervised driving to help them gain sufficient experience behind the wheel.

How does returning to work affect your SSD benefits?

If you have been in an accident and your injuries are going to prevent you from being able to maintain your employment in Kentucky, one of the first steps you may be taking is to apply for social security disability benefits. This action may allow you access to a stable income despite your inability to work. These benefits will continue so long as you are incapable of using your skills to do your job because of the impact of your injuries. 

However, once you are cleared to return to work, you may be wondering how this development will affect your eligibility to continue receiving financial support from social security. According to the Social Security Administration, if you are able to return to your job, you may need to request that your responsibilities be modified to allow you to accomplish them even though you are still disabled. In this case, you may need to pay for adaptations that allow you to do your job safely and effectively. If this happens, you should inform the Social Security Administration immediately. They should also be informed if you have started working again or if the amount you were being paid before has changed. 

Following medical instruction after an accident is very important

Recovery after a major motor vehicle collision can take quite some time. Whether you suffered a soft tissue injury, a head injury or a broken bone, you will probably need a combination of immediate emergency trauma care and long-term care and support.

For example, a surgery can alleviate pressure on the brain after a head injury or repair a severely broken bone in your arm or leg. However, surgery will not be the last medical intervention that you need. Instead, you will likely need to commit to ongoing care for a few months after a crash. You may not always want to do everything that your doctor recommends.

Understanding the need for researching nursing homes

For some families, the decision to put their loved one in a nursing home in Kentucky is one that is made altogether, weighing the best options of the individual and seeking a facility that will provide the highest quality of care. For other families, the need is immediate and they may not see as much value in spending considerable time comparing their options. However, experts highly recommend that people spend at least some time researching nursing homes in their area before selecting one for their loved one.

A general comparison and minimal research can help to reveal a great deal about a nursing home's ratings and the experiences that residents have had in the facility. People can also get an idea about where the facility stands in terms of violations and whether or not they have made adequate changes to have the charges dropped. With a bit of time spent on comparing their options, people can feel much more confident in the establishment they have chosen and its ability to provide the type of care their desire for their loved one to have. 

The consequences of distracted drivers

Drivers on Kentucky roadways want to get where they are going safely. Unfortunately, many times they look into other vehicles and see fellow drivers engaging in distracted behaviors. These include a range of actions not appropriate for someone behind the wheel of a car and many of which revolve around cellphone use. Can these behaviors have serious consequences?

Distracted driving has dire ramifications, since it can lead to accidents ranging from fender-benders to serious crashes. Unfortunately, this behavior also is the cause of many deaths. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, or NHTSA, in 2017 distracted driving was responsible for 3,166 lives. The NHTSA warns that if a driver is going 55 mph and takes his or her eyes off the road for just 5 seconds, it is akin to driving the length of a football field with closed eyes. 

How can you get full compensation for a truck accident injury?

You probably already know that truck accidents on the Kentucky highways can cause serious injuries that lead to major expenses. If you were involved in one of these accidents, the law could potentially require responsible parties to pay you back for the money you have already spent or will spend in the future to recover. 

One of the biggest questions then becomes who is responsible for injuries. Is it the trucker who was acting negligently? Is it the trucking company that hired the dangerous person? Is it the state of Kentucky for poorly maintaining roadways? As you might expect, any or all of these parties could owe you money to help you get back on your feet if you suffered injuries due to their actions.

Recovering from a crash as a competitive athlete

Motor vehicle accidents are often devastating, regardless of one’s life circumstances. For some car accident victims, however, the impact of a traffic wreck and the consequences it brings into their lives can be especially upsetting. For example, competitive athletes may have their dreams (or even their primary source of income) derailed as a result of a motor vehicle collision. Worse, many of these accidents took place because of a driver’s reckless behavior and never should have transpired in the first place. It is paramount for traffic crash victims to have a clear understanding of their legal rights as they do their best to move on from the wreck.

Competitive athletes may train for months or even years in anticipation of a key event. For some, these competitions have a financial effect on their lives, and others find fulfillment and a strong sense of pride in their physical abilities. Regardless of the sport or event that one competes in and trains for, it can be incredibly upsetting when these dreams are derailed because of a negligent driver.

No-fault or tort auto insurance systems in Kentucky

Kentucky motorists have more auto insurance choices available to them than drivers in many other states do. As residents of a "choice no-fault" state, Kentucky drivers can insure their automobiles under either the no-fault or tort systems.

It's important to understand how each system works so that you can select the option that makes the best sense for your situation.

Switching careers after a car crash

The physical and mental toll of a motor vehicle wreck can be devastating, and the lives of victims may be permanently altered in many ways. Some people may lose the ability to walk, or they may experience challenges in their marriage due to emotional issues associated with the accident. These are just some of the hardships that car crash victims may endure, but there are many other ways in which lives may be turned upside down. For example, some people cannot work in a certain field any longer due to physical or mental injuries sustained in an auto accident, necessitating a career switch.

Sometimes, people have to find work in another field which pays less, which can lead to additional financial pressures. Others may develop depression because their professional dreams were derailed as a result of a motor vehicle wreck. Whether a worker loses mobility or cannot continue in a certain field due to mental trauma (such as those whose job duties involve driving, for example), this can be an incredibly tough consequence for a car crash victim.

Large truck crashes involving multiple vehicles

When a large truck collides with another vehicle, the crash can be extremely devastating for those who are involved in the accident and their loved ones. Sometimes, a large truck accident may involve multiple vehicles, and these wrecks can be particularly tragic. For example, a large truck driver may be driving too fast and lose control of their vehicle, resulting in a collision which involves two, three or even more vehicles. The aftermath of these collisions can be terrible and there may be multiple people struggling with serious injuries or even fatalities. If you were involved in such a collision, you should look into any legal options that may be available.

Large truck accidents which involve multiple vehicles may be caused by speeding, drunk driving, a particularly dangerous part of the road, inadequate truck maintenance or a host of other risk factors. These accidents may be especially likely to occur in the summer, when many people plan road trips, a lot of truck drivers work long hours and traffic can be very congested. In some instances, someone driving a small passenger vehicle may cause a multi-vehicle accident which involves a semi, and these can be just as devastating.

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