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How to make it safely through a road work zone

Does it seem like you come upon road work zones when you're already running late? Does it feel like there's always some sort of road work being done on your most commonly traveled routes?

Certainly, road work can be frustrating for drivers. However, it's essential to exercise care in and around these areas rather than rush to get through them or let your frustration impact your driving. Your own safety as well as that of other motorists and workers depends on it.

When can commercial truck owners be held liable for crashes?

Car vs. commercial truck crashes can be devastating for those in the smaller vehicle. People who are fortunate enough to survive may be dealing with severe injuries that require long-term care. Taking legal action against the truck driver who caused the crash may not provide victims and their families with nearly enough compensation to cover the expenses they're facing.

However, in many cases, the companies that own the trucks bear some responsibility and liability for the crash. They have a duty to ensure the safety of their trucks and their drivers. These companies are also required to comply with state and federal laws that are in place to make the commercial trucking industry safer for everyone on the road. When they violate these laws, they can and should be held liable.

You'll be surprised by the deadliest DUI holiday

If you had to guess what holiday sees the most deadly DUI accidents, what would you pick? Most people would pick either New Year's Day or New Year's Eve -- there's some overlap, as the late-night parties usually spill over into the early morning. Some may pick St. Patrick's Day or the Fourth of July.

And they would all be wrong.

What should you do if you think a driver is under the influence?

If you were injured in a car crash caused by a driver who was under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs, you're likely angry that this person was behind the wheel when they shouldn't have been. You may feel like you were helpless to prevent the crash -- and perhaps you were. Drunk or drugged drivers can come out of nowhere and cause devastating harm and damage in seconds.

However, we can all learn to spot the signs of someone who's driving under the influence, get as far away from them as possible and notify the authorities so that they can make an effort to stop them before they hurt someone.

Nursing home residents can be at high risk of infectious diseases

Older people are typically more likely to develop some common infections than younger ones. Their immune systems are often compromised. Moreover, these infections can become serious because seniors may write off symptoms as just more of the aches and pains they're used to. People with dementia may not be able to adequately communicate that they aren't feeling well.

However, it's essential for caregivers -- like those working in nursing homes and other long-term care facilities -- to recognize the symptoms of common infections. They also need to work to prevent seniors from acquiring infections in the first place.

Truck driver indicted for murder after fatal Kentucky crash

When we see a large truck on the road near us, we hope that it's in good condition and the driver is experienced and alert -- not drowsy or distracted. The last thing we want is for a truck driver to be watching a cellphone video behind the wheel.

However, that's what led to a fatal crash in the early evening of Sunday, Sept. 29, according to Kentucky State Police and prosecutors. A 45-year-old man who was driving a semitruck has been indicted for murder for the crash on Interstate 64 in Franklin County that took the life of a 61-year-old Bedford man. A grand jury also indicted him on charges of wanton endangerment and first- and second-degree assault. He had originally been charged with second-degree manslaughter.

Who pays for losses after a car accident?

There are many costs associated with a typical car crash in Kentucky. You might have to repair your vehicle, handle medical bills or deal with the results of pain and suffering. All of that has the potential to add up quickly.

As for the question of who pays for losses after a car accident, the answer is not always straightforward. Generally speaking, insurance will often cover these costs. However, the Commonwealth has some rather uncommon insurance laws that complicate the matter.

After a truck accident, know the evidence to gather

Truck accidents are always a possibility for most people who drive regularly, especially those of us who spend significant time sharing the road with large trucks. All traffic accidents are dangerous and may cause property damage and personal injury, but accidents involving commercial trucks are often even more dangerous and destructive, as well as more complicated to resolve.

If you experienced a commercial truck accident recently, you may have many things demanding your attention. You may even have physical injuries, a vehicle that you can no longer use, and other setbacks that keep you from performing your job and getting paid. All of these stresses build up quickly and it is not always easy to know how to move forward.

Mix-up at hospital leaves veteran with no medical attention

People rely on their health care providers in Kentucky to take adequate time to diagnose their condition, make recommendations that take into account their medical history and provide medical attention in a compassionate and reliable manner. Malpractice in the form of ignorance, carelessness or miscommunication can put patients at risk of injury or even death. 

One man in South Carolina recently won a significant lawsuit against Veteran Affairs after experiencing a traumatizing case of medical malpractice at a VA hospital. The ordeal began when the veteran sought medical attention for serious stomach pains that had been bothering him for some time. After completing a urine sample, the hospital's staff informed him that he had traces of cocaine in his sample and that his stomach pains were a direct result of his drug use. 

Falls kill about 1,800 U.S. nursing home residents annually

In a perfect world, every nursing home across Kentucky would maintain a nurturing, comfortable environment for residents, but regrettably, this is far from the case. Instead, the quality of care many older adults receive in nursing homes and assisted living facilities is subpar, at best, and when the quality of care suffers, injuries, including falls, often rise.

Per Industrial Safety & Hygiene News, resident falls are alarmingly commonplace in American nursing homes, with about 1,800 nursing home residents passing away annually in the United States because of fall-related injuries. Statistics also show that the typical American nursing home facility reports between 100 and 200 falls each year, but this number refers solely to the number of resident falls reported, meaning there may, in fact, be many more that occur.

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