Involved In A Life-Changing Truck Accident?

Any car accident can have tragic consequences, but those involving trucks are often fatal and almost always life-changing. In the Bowling Green area, collisions with semis and commercial vehicles are common along Interstate 65. Regardless of where it occurred, a truck accident can rob you of your health, mobility, emotional well-being and ability to work.

For experienced and understanding personal injury representation in the aftermath of a truck accident, turn to the law firm Debra L. Broz, Attorneys at Law, PLC. We handle serious and fatal accident cases throughout Warren County and south-central Kentucky.

Taking Swift Steps To Maximize Your Compensation

Truck accidents can be vastly more complicated than other motor vehicle collisions. Multiple parties may be involved, including not only the truck driver, but also the employer, insurance company and manufacturer.

Time is often a major factor in these cases. If you wait too long to involve a lawyer — or if your lawyer doesn't take swift action to protect your interests — you could miss out on valuable compensation.

From the outset, we will take concrete steps to help you build a strong case. For example, our attorneys will work quickly to:

  • Get an expert on the scene as soon as possible
  • Conduct a thorough investigation
  • Analyze the truck's data recorder or "black box"
  • Review driver logbooks
  • Assess the mechanical condition of the truck
  • Comb through the evidence to identify contributing factors such as:
    • Driver fatigue
    • Logbook violations (driving too many hours)
    • Alcohol or drugs
    • Inadequate vehicle maintenance
    • Improper loading
    • Speeding
  • Take legal action against the right parties within the appropriate time frame

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