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What is truck driver fatigue?

Accidents involving large trucks happen for many reasons, from intoxicated driving to speeding and poor weather. However, truck driver fatigue is a serious problem on roads across the state of Kentucky. Sadly, when those driving large trucks fall asleep at the wheel, the massive size of their vehicles can be especially hazardous.

Kentucky is reviewing road safety after truck accidents

At Debra L. Broz, Attorney at Law, PLC, we know that truck accidents in Kentucky can have complex causes. Truck accidents can be caused by dangerous driving conditions, by driver or shipping company negligence or poor driving by another vehicle on the road.

Thorough investigation necessary to identify faulty auto parts

In the aftermath of a serious accident, particularly one involving a massive tractor trailer, it can be all but impossible for victims and bystanders to know what went wrong. This is especially true when the cause of an accident is a single, defective auto part.

Trucking regulation violators can be liable for crashes

Regular motorists across Kentucky typically don't have intimate knowledge of the various regulations and laws that govern the commercial trucking industry. After all, people who are not going to drive tractor-trailers are not required to comply with industry-specific guidelines and rules.

What is a commercial vehicle?

When we talk about commercial vehicle accidents, we often discuss crashes involving massive tractor trailers. However, these are not the only type of commercial vehicles. In fact, there are several different types of vehicles that fall into the category of commercial vehicle.

Impaired truckers a threat to all motorists (and cargo)

Driving a commercial truck is a demanding job. It involves long hours on the road, which can be boring and important deadlines that can be stressful to make. Most truckers are able to cope with these elements of the job just fine. Others, however, take risks and make some bad decisions in an effort to cope.

Safety blitz focusing on cargo securing compliance

Commercial-sized trucks cause a lot of damage when they are involved in a motor vehicle accident. Because of this, it is critical that every truck on the road meets specific safety requirements. Those that do not should be taken off the road immediately.

Why is it so important to investigate after trucking accidents?

Every motor vehicle accident has the potential to cause serious damage to victims and property. However, collisions involving a commercial truck often result in the most catastrophic damage. These vehicles are enormous and weight tens of thousands of pounds, and when they crash, it is often the people in the smaller vehicle who suffer the brunt of the damage, which is often extensive. Holding someone accountable for these damages can be critical.

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