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What consequences come with distracted driving?

Often, people recognize the serious dangers associated with driving under the influence or reaching excessive speeds. Sadly, some people fail to realize that a seemingly minor distraction, such as a driver reaching for something on the floor, can cause a devastating crash. In Bowling Green, and cities around all of Kentucky, drivers should be aware of different distractions that can lead to an accident. Moreover, the victims of these collisions should not hesitate to firmly stand for their rights.

How overconfidence can lead to crashes

Take a minute and remember back to when you were a teenager and just starting to drive. Chances are you were excited and maybe even a little scared whenever you got behind the wheel. You probably checked your mirrors before every trip and kept both hands firmly on the wheel, making sure you were always alert and aware of your surroundings.

Kentucky drivers: Avoid dangerous drivers this holiday weekend

Did you know that the Fourth of July is the deadliest day on the road, according to statistics? The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reported that, on average, more than 118 people are killed in crashes on Independence Day. This is higher than the average number of fatalities reported on any other day.

Kentucky drivers: Be aware of these 7 summertime driving hazards

Summertime is supposed to be a time to kick back, relax and enjoy a little slower pace of life. However, all this can disappear when you get behind the wheel of your car, as summer is also a notoriously dangerous time with regard to car accidents.

3 questions to ask when considering legal action after a crash

In the aftermath of a car crash, those who were injured or were not at fault can be extremely upset. They may jump to the conclusion that filing a lawsuit against the at-fault party is the only way to recover damages and feel better.

Textalyze this: new device could change distracted driving

In the aftermath of any car accident, victims and their families can often be frustrated by the amount of time it takes to get any concrete information on the cause of the crash. It takes time to interview witnesses, investigate police reports, reconstruct accident scenes, examine surveillance footage and track down technical information on vehicle performance.

Who's fault was my car accident?

The notion of "fault" is not always clear in a Kentucky motor vehicle accident. Nevertheless, law enforcement officers will seek to lay blame for a car crash on one of the parties involved. In addition to drivers, potential at-fault parties could be vehicle manufacturing companies that build defective parts, municipalities that fail to keep a road safe, or businesses that employed the at-fault drivers.

What to do after a car accident caused by someone else

You were driving along, following the traffic laws. Suddenly, someone drove through a red light or stop sign or turned right into your vehicle. No matter how safely you drive, you can't control the negligence and poor decisions of other drivers.

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