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Bedsores could be a sign of nursing home neglect

When people decide the time has come to move to a long-term care facility in Kentucky, it is often because mobility issues have made living alone impossible. Being confined to a wheelchair or bed can create difficulties in a nursing home, too, though. According to the Mayo Clinic, people who remain in the same position for too long are at risk for bedsores.

Just like the other organs in the body, skin depends on the nutrients and oxygen provided through the bloodstream. When a person sits or reclines in the same position for long periods of time, the pressure between the bones and skin begins to cut off the blood flow. Over time, damage develops in the layers of the skin and may lead to tissue death. The complications that can arise because of the pressure ulcers include infections that may spread to the nearby bones and joints, causing permanent damage. Cancer and sepsis are also known to develop because of unhealed bedsores.

I was hit by a drunk driver. What should I do?

It's not always easy to know what to do after a car accident, and can get even more complicated if you get hit by a drunk driver. If you suffered an injury in the accident, it can feel even more complex. These are normal reactions to a traumatic event, and you are certainly not alone if you have this experience.

So, how should a person proceed after getting hit by a drunk driver? In broad strokes, very carefully.

How overconfidence can lead to crashes

Take a minute and remember back to when you were a teenager and just starting to drive. Chances are you were excited and maybe even a little scared whenever you got behind the wheel. You probably checked your mirrors before every trip and kept both hands firmly on the wheel, making sure you were always alert and aware of your surroundings.

Over time, however, these habits and the focus on driving safely likely faded once you got more comfortable driving. If this sounds familiar, it's because it is very common. In fact, a recent survey revealed that many teen drivers get overconfident after a few years on the road, and this overconfidence is putting them at a higher risk for accidents. 

Thorough investigation necessary to identify faulty auto parts

In the aftermath of a serious accident, particularly one involving a massive tractor trailer, it can be all but impossible for victims and bystanders to know what went wrong. This is especially true when the cause of an accident is a single, defective auto part.

Such situations are not unusual, sadly. For instance, recently, 1,700 trucks were recalled after the maker of the engines announced they contained defective engine parts. 

Why it's hard to secure effective care, despite patient efforts

When it comes to our health, we have an incredible amount of resources at our disposal to seek effective care. 

However, as this article in The New York Times notes, the sheer number of these resources doesn't guarantee that we will find the right care or the highest quality care. In fact, there are a few reasons why, despite the vast amount of information at our disposal, patients are still the victims of substandard care and medical mistakes.

Dangerous cargo can make truck crashes even worse

We see commercial trucks on the road nearly every day. And whether we can see the cargo they haul or not, we know that these trucks typically carry heavy, dangerous materials over thousands of miles.

This cargo can present serious problems in the event of a crash. If it spills, it can make the roadways unsafe for other motorists; if it is exposed to certain elements or conditions, the reaction can be dangerous and potentially fatal.

Understanding your options if you're hurt while driving for work

More professionals than ever before have to travel for work. Some people choose to take a second job driving for Lyft or Uber. There are also more delivery vehicles on the road now, thanks to an increase in online shopping and therefore shipped purchases. From grocery delivery services to electricians, countless Americans are driving as part of their daily work. This is true here in Kentucky, too.

If you were driving for work and got into a serious accident, you might wonder about your options. For example, will your medical bills and lost wages get covered by workers' compensation?

Am I eligible to receive Social Security disability benefits?

If you are seriously injured or ill and you cannot work, you can be very frightened about your future. How will you get the medical care you need? How will you provide for your family? How will you ever be able to get back on your feet?

For many people, the answer to these questions can be Social Security disability benefits. These benefits are available to workers across Kentucky and they can provide essential financial relief if you cannot work due to physical or mental disability. However, you must first determine if you are eligible for these benefits. We examine the requirements of SSDI below. 

Bullying in nursing homes: emotional abuse

Anyone in Kentucky could feel that another person is being a bully, purposefully acting aggressively or in a threatening way. Nursing home residents may be particularly at risk, though. points out that physical and mental health issues may keep them from standing up for themselves, and may make them more vulnerable to verbal attacks.

There are certain behaviors that nurses, caregivers and others may engage in that constitute elder abuse. For example, they may mock a resident, yell, ignore or isolate him or her, or even make physical threats. Staff members who feel overwhelmed by their workload may be more likely to engage in emotional elder abuse, especially when a resident is more difficult to care for.

Kentucky drivers: Avoid dangerous drivers this holiday weekend

Did you know that the Fourth of July is the deadliest day on the road, according to statistics? The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reported that, on average, more than 118 people are killed in crashes on Independence Day. This is higher than the average number of fatalities reported on any other day.

With this in mind, we urge drivers across Kentucky to use caution on the roads over the upcoming holiday. Below, we list some things everyone can to do stay safe and avoid potentially dangerous drivers this weekend.

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