VA Disability Benefits

Veterans afflicted with a service-connected disability may be eligible for monthly monetary compensation, free health care, and education programs. According to the United States Department of Veterans Affairs, one in four Americans is potentially eligible for VA benefits because he is a veteran or a family member of a veteran.


To be eligible for most benefits, veterans must have a service-connected disability. "Service-connected" simply means that the disability must have started or been aggravated while the person was serving active military duty.A dishonorable discharge disqualifies a veteran from any benefit entitlement.


Veterans with a service-connected disability can file a claim with the VA for disability compensation. A team of medical professionals will review the claim to determine if the issues are service-connected and, if so, how dramatically they impact the veteran's quality of life. Veterans will be assigned a disability rating percentage, in increments of 10 percent.Some conditions carry an automatic percentage. Sleep apnea, for example, automatically grants a veteran 30 percent disability, or 50 percent if a breathing apparatus is prescribed. Monthly compensation amounts increase exponentially as percentages increase. As of 2009, a 10 percent disability rating paid $123 each month. A veteran rated 100 percent disabled, however, would receive $3,100. The amount can increase if the veteran has dependents, has suffered a loss of limbs, or has a disabled spouse.

Health Care

The VA provides complimentary health care to qualified veterans. While enrolling in the health-care program, veterans are assigned a priority group. Priority groups are determined by disability rating, income levels, military awards, other health insurance, and other standards. Priority Group One is the highest priority, while Priority Group Eight is the lowest ranking.Priority One is reserved for veterans who exceed a 50 percent disability rating and are deemed unemployable due to service-connected conditions. Priority Eight, on the other hand, includes every veteran who does not exceed a designated income threshold.

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